About me

My career background started off as a Paratrooper in the Military, for the Special Forces in the Portuguese Army. I was 1 of 7 women out of 98 men within my base at the time, as a female in a predominantly male environment, I’ve learnt the importance of self-confidence and empowerment in overcoming challenges as a female wanting to stand out. Within my time working as a Paratrooper, I obtained a significant amount of self-discipline in various ways; whether it be sacrificing time away from family, putting my colleague’s safety first, compromising sleep, water and food rations, I was able to mentally stay focused and train the way I think to get through difficult moments.

A career as a Paratrooper was my dream to progress and be the best in my base and more so empower females within the Military. All came to a halt, I had an accident during our routine Assault Course Training in 2005, where I broke my knee – this devastated me and my future in the Army. This was a crucial time of my life to reassess and change the course of my career and follow my passion, which is to help women succeed and achieve the best they can in life. 
Alongside, pursuing my passion for helping women in their own professional career development, I was able to coach a few women and be successful in what they all individually wanted to achieve. While gaining experience within my Career Development Coaching, I also worked within Management in the Hospitality and Event Industry, which taught me more into learning to perfect my management style that would benefit my coaching but also learning to communicate with others regardless of background, culture and upbringing.

In these past few years since my injury, I’ve managed to devise a structured plan and strategy to help women reach their career goals and ambitions. Making sure my clients are able to figure out what they want to achieve, creating a Step by Step plan to progress to the end goal and holding them accountable and challenging them in the right direction.

In a world where the gender gap still exists, I strongly believe women can achieve greater than we think and I am honoured to be able to contribute to women’s success and progression in life. To date, I have coached several women and have partnered up with Raise Cape Verde Programme in Partnership with Cape Verde University helping graduates with Career paths and getting into the working world.