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“Alice has been my coach in the past three months and has been of great assistance in the development of my recent professional venture. Alice’s stable presence and directive approach, with sharp questions and practical exercises, were strong catalysts for my creativity. I can say that with Alice’s coach I went from an idea to practical actions within two months, and I have been able to apply the tools she shared in other areas of my life.”
Joana Jesus 🇵🇹


"If I could sum up my experience in one word it would be inspiring. Within 30 days I achieved so much, not only did I become more active but it also helped me to stay focus on my goals and has made me understand the importance of self discipline, having a routine and helped me to listen to my body. I also learnt to remember to praise yourself for small accomplishments. 


Thank you Alice for helping me to stay focussed on my goals and introducing me to something I never imagined myself doing and actually enjoying the journey. 

Jaida 🇬🇧

“I decided to take life coaching sessions to help me overcome the issues I face in my professional life, meaning my lack of confidence in my abilities and my insecurities when it comes to being accepted by others in my workplace. These issues arose in 2015 when I changed my career into a more challenging position. In July 2016, I requested coaching sessions with personal coach Alice Santos. The results have been very positive, not only have I achieved and fulfill the goals and objectives proposed, but when leaving my emotional comfort zone I have also managed to confront and overcome fears and insecurities accumulated over the years.”
Marisa Chinak 🇵🇹

"I would like to thank you for all your tireless support and motivation over the last months. Few months ago I changed my job and it was a big move for me. I was feeling insecure, overwhelmed and lacking confidence in myself. It was delightful to have the sessions every week with Alice where she helped me gain clarity to move forward and trust myself in each step I took. Money is not enough to pay all you have done for me. I recommend anyone who’s looking for motivational coaching." 
Ana Faria 🇦🇴

“It has been a privilege to be a part of the coaching program with Alice. I found these 10 sessions both challenging and stimulating. She clearly has in-depth knowledge of the subject; The program was a good balance between guiding and putting ideas and concepts into practice; The feedback from her has resulted in a great experience to me, as it could help me to understand my own strengths and challenges in order to be a better person and to engage more fully with my professional’s goals. In addition, what I most liked were about how she committed to me, and the way she was listening to me. (Very attentive) The skills, tools and knowledge gained on this coaching program have improved my personal skills and ability to understand better who I am and where I want to go.” 
Francine Gugelmin  🇧🇷

"Alice is very supportive, respectful and on the go. She brings out the best in you for sure and keeps track on your progress." Recommended👍👍



Ann Pryam 🇮🇪


"I am so much more clear & Focussed!


This challenged enabled me to be more focussed on myself upon waking and allow myself to have boundaries with what I do during my 1st hour.


Prayer, meditation, journaling and affirmations has become am automatic thing I do before I have my coffee or post on social media, I seem to get it all done in Time to get to the gym with my 19 year old Daughter who is also on the challenge with me.  By 9am we are home for breakfast ready to start our day.


I feel more clear, Assertive and know exactly what to do everywhere then day by day down to the hour and by 2pm I feel I have done everything and relax more.


This experience has enabled me to understand the importance of discipline and structure...I used to hate both words but now I Embrace them knowing how beneficial it is for my life and business.


Thank You Alice for your support and gentleness through what I thought was going to be regimented, it was actually enjoyable and by week 2 my household was happy and Energised.  Loved it and recommend it to everyone who struggles with getting things done and most importantly those who feel they don't have time for themselves.  This challenge breaks all believes that we often have that we don't have time.  There is always enough time when we put in daily Rituals that increase our energy.


One word for this challenge "Awakening my full Potential"


    Neusa C.  🇬🇧

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